Me:  veterinarian, cyclist, husband, father, vegie gardener, dilletante, pedant and cub-scout leader.  Sometime artist, poet, sculptor, and musician.  Wannabe.  Questioner, doubter, sceptic.   Sometimes atheist, sometimes agnostic.
Owner/operator of a personal blog, and therefore either leading a life that is uniquely interesting and worthy of blogging, or just desperate for validation.



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  1. George paterson
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 16:48:53

    Well Johnno, what could I add to this magnificent exposé; you have brilliantly covered the Topic and answered all the questions correctly. Shown evidence of wider reading and understanding. 100% – HD, for the Vet of The TDT Tour..

    Fortunately I have just, accidentally, stumbled across this great work and appreciate the West Timor/slash Rye Man., reference. In fact Bryce and I took over 14hours from Dili to Kupang, on the bumpy-t-bump roads, then back across the seas to Rote for a peaceful and bike-less 2 weeks of surfing and fishing. Regained my courage, back on the bike and then tackled another 5 day event in Langkawi Wet Season Jungles during October. Quite humorous.
    George and Bryce……………TDT


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