Spring has sprung

Well, it has seemed like a long and cold, wet winter here in Melbourne this year.  The La Niña  weather pattern of the last little while has brought us lots of excuses to stay in bed, lots of rain for the tanks and the garden, and quite a few flat tyres out on the road.  Yes folks, rain brings debris and crap onto the roads, and that means more punctures.  I’ve lost count of them in the last few months.

Wet, wet, wet. Like winter was when we were kids.

Anyway, today is the start of spring and it occurs to me that nearly 3 months has gone by since this blog last got updated.  The marketing gurus reckon you have to be in touch with your audience at least every 3 months or else they’ll forget about you.  I read that once, probably quite a few years ago.  Nowadays you probably have to be in touch with your audience every 3 weeks to prevent them forgetting you.  Or you should tweet them every 3 days or so, or something.  Whatever.  Since I mostly write this blog for my own benefit you may think that it doesn’t really matter.   But what if the magic 3 months goes by and I haven’t posted anything, and I lose touch with myself??  Doesn’t bare thinking about.

The main reason for the lack of blogular activity seems to be the lack of blogworthy events.  No noteworthy rides, no grand adventures, no hikes, no camps, etc.  Which isn’t completely true.  There have been long rides, good rides, fun rides and even memorable rides.  And EVERY day is an adventure, after all!  Just not always the kind of adventure that one needs to write about.

Maybe it’s the long, cold wet months of winter.  Not that’s it’s all bad.  It’s an ill wind that blows no good, as they say.  The cold weather makes for good broccoli, since the dreaded cabbage moth caterpillars go into hibernation somewhere.

Nothing beats fresh home-grown broccoli. (Apart from about a bazillion other really cool things.)

And it was looking like a good season for broad beans a month or so ago.  Sadly though, the soil seems to have stayed a bit damp up what this year is the broad bean end of the garden, and the dampness has brought on some kind of fungal rust that seems not to want to go away.  Well, we got lots of nice flowers anyway.  Red ones and white ones.  If we’re lucky we might get some beans in the next month or so.

Crimson flowering broad beans.

Anyway, winter is officially behind us, although you can be sure of a few more cold days and miserable weather still to come before we’re truly into spring.  Don’t plant your seedlings yet!

Some of next years tomatoes, squash, pumpkins and zucchini, waiting for the ground to warm up a bit.

Next weekend I’m heading back to Inverloch with Ridewiser and co.  Unlike the last trip to Inverloch, next weekend’s ride is a bit longer – 350 km over two days.  Tomorrow is my last long ride in preparation and will be 102 km in the Dandenongs, plus the 60 km there and back again.  To keep track of all this activity I recently “invested” in a new bike computer.  (Tip:  an investment is something that feeds you, as the guru once said.  When I can figure out a way to get my new bike computer to pay dividends I promise that I’ll let you know.)

My new Garmin I had to have it.  I mean, ALL my friends had one…..

With luck and good management there will be good photos to post of the upcoming rides and I’ll feel justified in adding new posts.  In the mean time, let us bid farewell once more to our old friend Winter.  The friend whose company we don’t always enjoy, but without whom there would be no renewal.  In its place, let us welcome the Spring.

And one last thing.  I said there wasn’t much in the last few months that was blogworthy, and of course I was being untrue.  There’s been lots to crow about.   It’s just that one doesn’t always want to be crowing.  However, there is one thing that appeared in my life, unbidden, just recently that would go straight to the pool room, were it not so wonderfully useful.  It fits in the hand just so, it has a kind of heft that defies description, and like so many useful additions to one’s life, it has more than its share of titanium.  Best of all, check out the engraving:

The kind of surgical instrument that no self respecting titanium-bike-riding-blog-writing-veterinarian should be without.

Many thanks to Rosstickle for these fine needle drivers!


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