PFFF 2012 part two

Having walked out on the son of one of the greatest song writers of the 20th century, what does one proceed to do?  I may have bumped into a friend and had another beer, I think.  Or not, I’m really not sure.

I do know that soon enough I wandered in to check out local Melbourne group Jugularity.  There’s a personal connection here, since once upon a time in a land far far away (Melbourne circa 1981) I played in the same orchestra as Jugularity’s bass player.  In fact, his violin playing brother was a couple of years ahead of me at vet school, as well as also having played in that same orchestra (The Chamber Strings of Melbourne) way back then.

Luckily Gavan (aforementioned bass player) didn’t see me walk in, nor did he seem to notice 15 or 20 minutes later when all four of us walked out.  Maybe the experience with Adam Cohen had switched on the walk-out neurotransmitters, or maybe Jugularity were just having a bad night.  They didn’t seem very inspired.  They’ve been together for 21 years, so you could forgive them for having the odd stale moment.  Here’s a clip from back in 2008….

From the small and mostly family audience in the Jugularity tent we made our way to the huge and much more young-adult oriented crowd watching another Melbourne group called Tin Pan Orange.  This group is fronted up by the wife of Harry James Angus (see previous post), who also plays keyboards.  This is a pretty standard arrangement in the folk world, by the seems of things.  Everyone plays in their own band and in one or two others, and does guest appearances in a third, whilst simultaneously being married to the mandolin player in one band and being the ex-partner of the singer somewhere else.  It’s a pretty small pool, I suppose.  Emily Lubitz is the singer, and she was great, although her near constant whirling around the stage was a bit off putting.

Next on the list was a country outfit called The Pigs, who really looked like they should have been singing at someone’s huge 21st party in a woolshed, or on the stage at a B&S turn somewhere.  They were pretty funny.

And we finished the night with the adults-only version of Tripod, which was also pretty funny.


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