Victor Harbour – coming home.

All good things must come to an end, and so it is with holidays.  Holidays that don’t end probably are more properly called something else:  sea change, retirement, council roadworks supervisor.

Our last sunrise in SA (for a while)

The drive back from Victor Harbour to Murrumbeena was hardly the highlight of the holiday.  It was just the return trip.  You can dress it up, pad it out, fill it with adventure, but it’s still going to be just the return trip.  Frodo et al may well have fought the occasional orc, and even deposed a much-reduced Saruman on their return, but it all happened after the climactic moment, and Tolkien’s readers, though they read it all, they did it whilst puffing their post-coital cigarettes,  and more from a sense of loyalty to the characters than from any kind of enthusiasm for the narrative.   Jason and his Argonauts did battle with the orcs of their day, plugged their ears against the song of the sexy sirens, and all that other epic stuff, and then they returned home to find a pile of bills under the front door and a note from the neighbour saying the fence was falling down and would they mind getting a few quotes.

Give me the journey’s beginning any day, and keep the journey’s end for someone else.  Sure, it’s nice to wend one’s weary way homeward, and it’s wonderful to crawl into one’s familiar slippers and settle down in front of the home fire with a pipe filled with the finest weed the Shire can offer.  Be it ever so humble, etc etc.  But when it comes to stories, be they epic or not so epic, it’s rarely the bit at the very end that draws the reader in.

Cable ferry across the Murray River

The highlight of the trip home was this river crossing.  This is one of 27 such river crossings in the whole of Australia, apparently. Now there’s a trip for someone.

Let it be said, then, that we drove home from Victor Harbour, arrived safely back to our warm burrow and are even now living most wonderfully and happily ever after.

Alpaca surnise




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  1. Courtney Mara
    Feb 05, 2012 @ 09:03:39

    Looked like you had a beautiful vacation!

    Courtney Mara


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