Day 6 at Victor Harbour – the missing pictures

For some reason the last couple of days of our trip to SA are having trouble transforming themselves into blog format.   Such is life, I guess.

The previous post was about our day of exploring and snorkelling on the western side of the southern tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula.  The day that the camera batteries died.  Somehow I forgot about a few photos that I did manage to get, so here they are:


This photo was taken early in the morning, on a ride that took me eastwards on a road called the Fleurieu Way, heading towards Victor Harbour.

Rapid Bay beach

Beautiful beach, but pretty sparse in the hinterland department.

From the same vantage point, looking the other direction, you’d be facing the pier:

Rapid Bay jetty

Is it a pier, or is it a jetty?  Is there a difference?

Lastly, and slightly out of order with respect to the itinerary, here is the Cape Jervis lighthouse:


In days of yore our ancestors sent men out in tiny boats armed with harpoons with the hope of killing whales.  Those same ancestors sent small children into perilous situations in what would these days be called slave labour.  And then there was actual slave labour.  And leeches, and powdered wigs, and ancestral lords demanding first night rights, and press gangs dragging people away to ‘join’ the navy, and all manner of other evil besides.

Which makes you glad to live in this modern, civilised, rule-of-law era where there are laws against all that bad stuff.

One thing that one does sometimes think is missing these days however is a little bit of style.  I mean, really!  Call that a Lighthouse?  Where’s the romance?  Where’s the elegance?  Where’s the allure?  That’s not a lighthouse.  This is a lighthouse!


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