TDU hits Victor Harbour.

Today the Tour Down Under came to town, with the finish of Stage Three on the waterfront, so a fair bit of the day was devoted to being in the right spot at the right time to catch a glimpse of a bunch of cyclists as they flew by.  Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, although it did kind of put a lid on non-cycling activities for the day.

Not sure where to start, so …

Diving in

I’ll just dive on in.

A few shots of the surrounding things.

Looking back to Victor Harbour, from Granite Island

The bridge, or causeway if you prefer, links Victor Harbour to the tiny uninhabited (except by penguins) Granite Island.  You can walk across it, or take the horse drawn tram.  Also, you can snorkel under it.  There are more species of sea grasses here etc etc etc.

Looking west across the Fleurieu Peninsula

So much countryside!

And just so you know it's Australia

And not Scotland

Scotch Thistle - scourge of the wheat/sheep belt

There are still the locals though…

If I was a botanist I could capture this image with a name. somethingflower?

Sea Grass!

The sea grass is here in abundance, as you may have heard.  And yet, it’s not as common as it once was, and it’s not as easy to re-establish as you might think.  There are so many ways in which humans have impacted negatively on the environment.

Metamorphic rock, Second Bay, western Fleurieu Peninsula.

Luckily rocks are tough!  And, in what is possibly the lamest segue of the day, how tough are those cyclists?  Three and a half hours of racing and they still have enough left in the tank to wind up to a 60 or 70 km/hr sprint in the last few hundred metres!

Greipel takes the win, Stage 3 TDU 2012.


I wouldn't mind one of these Ripleys.

Because they’re amazing of course, and not because I’m in any way susceptible to marketing or peer influence.




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  1. kathy
    Nov 25, 2015 @ 12:41:10

    The Australian Academy of Science would like to use your picture of the Fleurieu Peninsula SA Metamorphic rocks. Please email kathy, to discuss permission of use within a science unit. thank you


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