Back in the Olden Days….

Back in the 1960s I either was or wasn’t depending on which side of the middle of that decade you are talking about.

In 1966 I guess I was crawling about, learning to walk, dribbling and perhaps thinking the sort of thoughts that you think before you’ve developed a vocabulary.  To me that means that perhaps I was thinking the same kind of thoughts that your dog or cat thinks.  You know, when they look at you, or out the window, or at the telly, with their head cocked to one side.

Not that I spent the first year of my life with my head cocked to one side.

But anyway, I’m digressing.  Maybe one day I can write a post about pre-verbal thoughts, and what goes on inside someone else’s head, but today isn’t that day.  If, however, you have strong views about this, feel free to add a comment.  Do dogs think?  Do toddlers think?  Do adults think, or do we just think that we’re thinking?

If that’s too hard, then don’t do any thinking at all.  Shut the door, turn up the sound, and watch the following video, which I stumbled across a while ago.  A little insight into the Tour de France, circa 1966…


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