Spring is sprung…

It’s the first of September, which means it’s now only 9 days until the start of the Tour de Timor  and only 8 more sleeps until I get on the plane.
When you say it like that it seems like there’s not going to be enough time between departing Melbourne and arriving in Dili, and acclimatising, and getting over the travelling, and being ready to race.  Oh well!
Am I ready?

I guess I’m as about as fit as I’m going to be.  Well, I could have done more training.  I could have spent more hours on the bike.  But my sponsors didn’t come through, so I had to keep working for the last few months instead of devoting myself 24/7 to honing my elite cycling abilities.

Yeah, right.

Anyway, I’m now almost close enough that I can smell it, and it’s starting to feel like it’s real now, and not some far-off-in-the-future thing.
I had a chat a while ago with a friend of a friend who rode in last year’s edition of the TdT, and he suggested that it was a good idea to take along something to hand out to the kids of the various villages that the Tour passes through.  He and his friends last year handed out little bouncy balls (the kind that we called Super Balls when we were kids), and that’s probably an idea worth repeating this year – they’re small, they’re light, they’re cheap, and they’re fun.  I thought maybe a few footballs or soccer balls might be good to take along as well.

Does anybody have any other suggestions?  Small, light, cheap and fun or useful or worth having in some way.


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